How to Organize a Health Fair for Small Businesses

How to Organize a Health Fair for Small Businesses

How to Organize a Health Fair for Your Boca Raton Business

In today’s evolving economy and with health care being on the forefront of change in the U.S. small business owners are often faced with the difficult decision on providing adequate coverage for themselves as well as their staff.  Health care doesn’t have to be a boring and difficult subject to provide for your employees.  Now with things like the Affordable Health Care act and Obama Care you not only have the opportunity to offer a solution you can make it a fun and enjoyable event for you and your staff to participate.  Here are some tips on organizing a Health Fair in Boca Raton even if you only employ 2-50 employees. 

Health Fairs don’t have to include thousands of people and a large space to host such an event.  Have a personal trainer come and give instruction on daily exercises and stretches that everyone can do.  By learning the minimum activity needed to maintain a healthy body weight you’ll be offering important information that will keep you and your staff adequate ways to keep weight down.

Contacting a local health club to come offer discounts for group rates on things like memberships is easy.  Many health clubs like LA Fitness and YouFit always have membership counselors available to set your organization up with great rates encouraging physical fitness.

Many chiropractor’s offices have nutritionists on staff that will be willing to participate in these types of events.  If you are a small office or work from home, select a location for a few professionals to come and discuss game plans on optimizing health. This can be done in your living room. The idea is making it more of an event to show your employees that their health is important to you no matter what the size is about your company.

Don’t forget to include refreshments that promote holistic healing. Many times people don’t know whether they can afford to eat properly.  Since eating fresh fruits and veggies are not always exciting look up some alternatives to eating well aside from the veggie tray.  You can find ideas for healthy party snacks at places like Pinterest. Make it a Smoothie party and mix up some incredible concoctions. Remember to keep the fair educational, informative and fun.

Depending on how many people you plan on attending, you can always contact a local masseuse that can come in and give 10-15-minute foot massages.  Contact the local massage colleges to get students looking to for practice hours to help out.

Of course, if you’ve missed enrollment, we have solutions that will give you the lowest rates and since you will be eligible for group rates it makes sense to have a representative present that can offer ideas and answers to their coverage needs.

Your health and your employee’s health are a big responsibility.  By making health a priority for you and your co-workers, you’re not only telling them they’re important your taking care of a very necessary part of your business.  Because healthy employees are happy employees, you’ll find they will show up to work with less frequent sick days.  You will also see an increase in productivity, a goal for every business.

Contact our representatives in helping facilitate a group health care plan that can fit into your objectives.


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