“What if you could recover the interest you pay to finance your home, cars or other major purchases?  What if you could recover the “lost fortune”, the money you give to financial institutions in interest each payment.  The money that could be working for you and your family instead of the financial institutions?  What if you could do this on a tax-free basis?  If your answer is yes, then would you?  It is possible if you learn how to start Your Family Bank…..”  If you would like to learn more about our services including Your Family Bank please contact us. Depending on your individual, family or even business needs we can customize the Bank to fit your specific goals using the same money you are currently paying now.

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The Concept

Your Family Bank® teaches the individual how to have freedom from the traditional method of financing, which means you will no longer be dependent on banking institutions or finance providers for funds.

The Plan

Working with a Your Family Bank® Agent, together you will explore all available avenues to find a way to fund Your Family Bank®. In most cases, working together you will find ways to fund Your Family Bank® with little or no increase in monthly budget.

The Benefits

We will show you how you can set up personal financing for your children’s college education that will make your retirement tax free! Contact us to discuss how Your Family Bank® will work for your family. We will contact you to schedule a time to plan and prepare a customized analysis.

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Hillary Livingston, authorized Your Family Representative Will Put Your Needs Ahead Of All Else To Ensure You Have The right Plan in place..All That’s Left Is Give Us A Call!